Dr. Javier Alonso-Mora, Associate Professor

Autonomous Multi-Robots Lab. Delft University of Technology

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The goal of the Autonomous Multi-Robots Laboratory at the Delft University of Technology is to develop novel methods for navigation, motion planning, learning and control of autonomous mobile robots, with a special emphasis on multi-robot systems, on-demand transportation and robots that interact with other robots and humans in dynamic and uncertain environments. Building towards the smart cities of the future, our applications include self-driving vehicles, mobile manipulators, micro-aerial vehicles, last-mile logistics and ride-sharing.

Current research projects

- ERC Starting Grant, "INTERACT: Intuitive Interaction for Robots among Humans", 2022-2027.
- NWO NWA NeurolabNL, "Perceptive acting under uncertainty: safety solutions for autonomous systems", 2021-2027.
- EU H2020 ICT-46-2020 RIA, "HARMONY: Enhancing Healthcare with Assistive Robotic Mobile Manipulation", 2021-2024.
- National Police AI Lab, "Smart mobile robots for intuitive, reliable and safe operation in hazardous environments", 2020-2024.
- NWO Top Sector Water & Maritime: the Blue route, "Sustainable Transportation and Logistics over Water: Electrification, Automation and Optimization (TRiLOGy)", 2020-2024.
- EU H2020 MG-2-7-2019 RIA, "SAFE-UP: proactive SAFEty systems and tools for a constantly UPgrading road environment", 2020-2023.
- Ahold Delhaize "AI for Retail Lab Delft (AIRLab Delft)", 2019-2024
- NICOP Office for Naval Research Global, "Distributed high-level scene reasoning with teams of heterogeneous robots", 2019-2022

Research activities (not up to date):

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Past projects

- NWO Talent Scheme VENI grant by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), "Robots among humans: safe and socially intuitive navigation", 2017-2020.
- Didi Udian Technologies, "Shared Mobility on Demand", 2019-2020.
- Amazon Research Award, "Predictive Multi-objective Fleet Routing and Assignment", 2019
- 3mE Cohesion funding, 2018-2019.
- AMS strategic funding by the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS), 2017-2018.
- NWO Take-Off Phase 1 grant in collaboration with Mainblades Inspection, 2018.
- 3mE Cohesion funding, 2017-2018.

During my time at MIT (2014-2016) I was involved in the following projects:
- Parallel autonomy and autonomous cars, CSAIL-Toyota joint research effort.
- ONR SMart Adaptive Reliable Teams for Persistent Surveillance.
- Mobile robots on the factory floor, funded by The Boeing Company.
- Future Urban Mobility, Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology (SMART FM).

During my time at ETH Zurich (2010-2014) my projects were funded by the Autonomous Systems Lab and Disney Research Zurich.