Autonomous Vehicles

Our research on autonomous vehicles focuses on motion planning algorithms that guarantee safety without being too conservative, in particular in dense urban scenarios where the vehicle must account for several pedestrians.
In collaboration with MIT, SMART and the Intelligent Vehicles (IV) group of Prof. Dariu Gavrila, we have deployed our motion planners on full-scale autonomous vehicles. See for example our demo at the ISTS`20 Conference (Video)

Our related projects

SafeVRU: Safe Interaction of Automated Vehicles with Vulnerable Road Users

Description: Within this project, we develop efficient and safe planners for automated vehicles.
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TRiLOGy: Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Over Water: Electrification, Automation, and Optimization

Description: Together with industry partners, we develop motion planning algorithms to navigate urban canals accounting for the interactions with other vessels.
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Game-Theoretic Motion Planning for Multi-Agent Interaction

Description: This project brings tools from the field of dynamic game theory to robotic motion planning. This combination enables new motion-planning algorithms that allow a robot to strategically interact with other agents while accounting for their unknown—potentially malicious—intents.
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Finished projects