Flying Robots

We empower Micro Aerial Vehicles with autonomous capabilities to navigate in complex environments and seamlessly coordinate with other agents. For this, we have proposed novel methods for aerial cinematography, formation control, motion planning, learning of communication policies and exploration.

Our related projects

Autonomous Drones for Emergency Responders

Description: How can autonomous drones support operations of emergency responders such as the police?
This project targets scenarios such as search and rescue or reconnaissance in large, unknown and potentially hazardous environments, where it can be difficult or even dangerous for policemen to operate and fulfil the task themselves...
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Distributed high-level scene reasoning with teams of heterogeneous robots

Description: In this project, we explore how a team of diverse robots can collaboratively monitor complex environments, such as bustling seaports or major city events. Equipped with varied sensors like cameras and microphones, each robot gathers data from its unique perspective...
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Finished projects