Mobile Manipulation

From healthcare to retail, passing by the high-tech industry, mobile robots will move in and manipulate their environment. However, how can we create robots, particularly mobile manipulators that can work alongside humans in highly dynamic and unpredictable environments? The problem is that right now, mobile manipulators are simply not ready for such a deployment. It is not possible to program a robot for everything that might happen and it is very hard to perform a variety of complex tasks while still maintaining a high degree of reliability. We develop novel algorithms for improved reliability in human-shared environments, based on optimization fabrics, learning and sampling-based model-predictive control.

Our related projects

HARMONY: Assistive Robots for Healthcare

Description: Within this project we combine robotic mobility and manipulation modalities in complex, human-centred environments.
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AI for Retail: Mobile Manipulation in Dynamic Environments

Description: Trajectory generation for mobile manipulation in dynamic environments.
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INTERACT: Intuitive Interaction for Robots among Humans

Description: In this project, interactions of mobile robots and humans is key. This concept is considered on multiple spatio-temporal granularities ranging from individual interactions to the macro interaction of a robot fleet with humans, and from short term (local) to long term (global) effects of the interaction.
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Finished projects