Social Robots

The vision of ground robots seamlessly operating among humans requires novel approaches which enhance classic robot motion planning by accounting for interaction effects and social preferences. Within our group we address social motion planning using learning from demonstrations, game theory and optimal control.

Our related projects

HARMONY: Assistive Robots for Healthcare

Description: Within this project we combine robotic mobility and manipulation modalities in complex, human-centred environments.
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INTERACT: Intuitive Interaction for Robots among Humans

Description: In this project, interactions of mobile robots and humans is key. This concept is considered on multiple spatio-temporal granularities ranging from individual interactions to the macro interaction of a robot fleet with humans, and from short term (local) to long term (global) effects of the interaction.
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Game-Theoretic Motion Planning for Multi-Agent Interaction

Description: This project brings tools from the field of dynamic game theory to robotic motion planning. This combination enables new motion-planning algorithms that allow a robot to strategically interact with other agents while accounting for their unknown—potentially malicious—intents.
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