Autonomous Multi-Robots Lab

Welcome to our Website. We are the Autonomous Multi-Robots Lab!

Our main research interests are in navigation, motion planning, learning and control of autonomous mobile robots, and teams thereof, that interact with other robots and humans in dynamic and uncertain environments. We contribute novel methods and solutions in the areas of motion planning, dynamic vehicle routing, multi-robot coordination, multi-robot learning, task assignment, automated cinematography, formation control, collision avoidance and human-swarm interaction. Building towards the smart cities of the future, we apply these techniques in various fields, including autonomous cars, automated factories, aerial vehicles and intelligent transportation systems with ride-sharing.

You can also read more about some of our research in this TU Delft story.


Planning, learning and control for mobile robots, and swarms, that interact with other robots or humans

Task assignment

We contribute novel methods for task assignment and dynamic vehicle routing in on-demand mobility and logistics.

Motion planning

We contribute novel methods for risk-aware, interaction-aware, socially compliant motion planning for mobile robots and self-driving vehicles.

Multi-robot coordination

We contribute novel methods for multi-robot planning, learning and control applied to swarms and teams of mobile manipulators, flying and ground robots.

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  • 11.2023: We will be presenting three papers in IEEE International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS) in Boston! See -> publications for details.
  • 09.2023: We are co-organizing the Workshop on Human Multi-Robot Interaction at IROS 2023. Check out the -> workshop's website for details.
  • 07.2023: We have a new paper Optimizing Task Waiting Times in Dynamic Vehicle Routing published at RA-L! See -> publications for details.
  • 05.2023: We will be presenting multiple papers in ICRA and IV! See -> publications for details.
  • 03.2022: I am honored to have received an ERC Starting grant for my project Intuitive Interaction for Robots among Humans (INTERACT)! -> Read more.
  • 06.2019: We won the IEEE ICRA Best Paper Award in Multi-Robot Systems!! Congrats Hai, Jelle and Laura!
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