Master's Thesis Projects

This page contains a list of the Master's Thesis Projects that have been finished in the group. The list is sorted by year. Note that the list is not complete, as it is up to the student to create a website for their project.

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Current-Based Impedance Control for Mobile Manipulators Without Force/Torque Sensors

Jelmer de Wolde , Luzia Knoedler , Javier Alonso-Mora | March 2024

This project explores the use of impedance control on mobile manipulators consisting of an off-the-shelf arm and mobile base. The aim is to achieve compliant behavior, enabeling the system to effectively interact with its environment. Impedance control relies on contact information usually obtained from joint torque measurements. However, off-the-shelf robots may lack such sensors, and adding them is costly. Additionally, the robots may not support torque control, limiting the application of impedance control. Thus, this project presents a calibration method that enables the application of impedance control on a current-controlled manipulator. Moreover, it presents to operational modes for interacting with the mobile manipulator.

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